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Salto Gymnastics & Trampolining Club offers high quality gymnastics and trampolining classes for girls and boys age 5 and over.
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Salto Gymnastics & Trampolining Club offers high quality gymnastics and trampolining classes for girls and boys age 5 and over.  We have a dedicated team of professional qualified coaches in the club who are all committed to teaching gymnastics and trampolining to all levels and abilities in a safe and fun environment.  All our coaches have completed their safe-guarding training and are Garda vetted.  Salto Gymnastics & Trampolining is affiliated to Gymnastics Ireland, the National Governing Body for Gymnastics in Ireland.  The club adheres to their Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Youth Sport and is covered by their Public Liability policy.

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Gymnastics Ireland Code of Ethics

Contacting Us

  • All communication from the club will be by email so please ensure you have provided us with your correct email address.
  • Please communicate with us by email to info@saltocork.ie.  Please do not send texts, leave voicemails or send messages via Facebook or Instagram.    
  • Any parent/guardian with a question or concern may approach the senior coach at the beginning or the end of class. Coaches are not available for discussion during class times.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify us of any changes to your phone number, email address or any changes in your child’s medical condition or behaviour.

Enrolment & Term Fees

  • The enrolment fee is due once in the year whether you join in September or afterward. The online enrolment form must be completed (or updated) by the parent/guardian. The year runs from September to August. The non-refundable enrolment fee covers membership of the club, affiliation to Gymnastics Ireland and insurance.
  • The term fee will be due 3 times this year. Term fees vary depending on the duration of your child’s gymnastics class.  Fees must be paid in full by the first class in the term. Parents/guardians will receive payment requests by email. When you pay your child’s fees, you are paying for your child’s place in the class and not his/her attendance.  Refunds are not given for classes not attended. 
  • If it is the case that the child does not wish to continue attending gymnastics after their first class, we will refund the term fees minus the cost of the first class. The club must be notified by email at least 2 days prior to the second class of term in order to receive this refund.
  • Otherwise term fees are non-refundable (including for operation in a Covid-19 environment).

General Rules

  • All members are expected to comply with Club Rules and the Gymnast Code of Conduct.
  • Gymnasts are expected to behave respectfully toward the coaches and other gymnasts at all times. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated, parents will be contacted if necessary.
  • In the interest of safety, the coaches must be obeyed at all times.  Gymnasts must participate in all aspects of the class. Gymnasts are not permitted to use any equipment unless instructed by a coach.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for prompt drop off of their children to the entrance door.  Gymnasts should arrive punctually for classes as it is important for all gymnasts to complete a proper supervised warm-up. Parents/guardians are not allowed in the gym during classes (except GymABLE & Special Olympics classes). There will be events during the year providing the opportunity to see the gymnasts performing. 
  • Gymnasts must not leave the gym without permission from a coach, either during the class or at the end of the class.  Children are to be collected by parents/guardians from the exit door.  Gymnasts may not leave classes early unless the coach has been informed by a parent/guardian.  Doors are locked during classes for safety reasons.  
  • Gymnasts should not be dropped off early for classes as the coaches are only responsible for members during class times.  Gymnasts who are waiting for their class must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  
  • If your child might have a problem due to illness, medication or injury, please let the senior coach know at the beginning of the session.  If your child is sick, they should not attend training. 
  • If a gymnast feels unwell or is injured during the class, they should immediately advise their coach.  Please note that while every effort is made to safeguard your child, there is an element of risk to the sport of Gymnastics.  First aid will be administered when required.
  • Photographs and videos may be taken during gymnastics training and events.  These images/videos may be used for Salto Gymnastics Club promotional/advertising purposes or for gymnast training or coach/judge educational purposes.
  • Gymnasts are not permitted to use mobile phones or tablets during classes.
  • Gymnasts may bring a bottle of water to training, bottles can be refilled in the gym.  
  • Chewing gum is not allowed. Food is generally not required except at camps or squads.

Competitions, Displays, Training Camps and other Events

  • There will be events during the year open to all of our gymnasts.  Other events will be open to gymnasts of particular ages and/or abilities.
  • Gymnasts may not compete in events without the permission of a parent/guardian and the coach.
  • Parents/guardians must be willing to travel with their children for competitions and should remain in the area assigned to spectators at all times.
  • Information on competitions is given out in advance and it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure payment of the entry fee by the given deadline.  If the deadline is missed, the gymnast cannot compete.
  • At all events, gymnasts must follow the instructions given by coaches & must display good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Under no circumstance is a parent or gymnast to approach a judge or official before, during or after a competition.  If you have a complaint or concern, it should be brought to the attention of the club coach who will follow the correct procedure if they believe it is warranted.
  • Gymnasts must get permission from a Managing Director if they wish to attend training camps or other events outside of the club’s remit.


  • Gymnasts must wear clothes that are suitable for training or competing.  It is recommended girls train in leotard (with or without leggings or shorts, whatever they prefer) and boys in shorts & t-shirt.  Otherwise members may wear tracksuit, leggings, shorts and t-shirt.  Jeans, skirts, tights or hooded tops may not be worn.  Information about our club uniform is available online at https://saltocork.ie/attire/
  • Competition level gymnasts must wear a leotard at every training session.  Competition level gymnasts must wear the club competition leotard and club tracksuit when representing the club at competitions.
  • Gymnasts must train in socks or gymnastics shoes or trampoline shoes.  Gymnastics and trampoline shoes may be purchased online, just search for “gymnastics shoes” or “trampoline shoes”.
  • Long hair must be securely tied up (for both girls & boys). All jewellery (including watches, fitbits and piercings) must be removed. Fingernails must be at a suitable length (which is no longer than the gymnast’s fingertip).