Gymnasts must wear clothes that are suitable for training.
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Gymnastics Attire

It is recommended girls train in leotard (with or without leggings or shorts) and boys in shorts & t-shirt. Otherwise members may wear tracksuit, leggings, shorts and t-shirt. Jeans, skirts, tights & hooded tops are not appropriate. Gymnasts must train in socks or gymnastics shoes. Gymnastics shoes may be purchased online, just search “gymnastics shoes”. Long hair must be securely tied up (for both girls & boys). All jewellery (including watches, fitbits & piercings) must be removed. Fingernails must be at a suitable length.

Our new supplier Equip My Gym has the Salto Club Shop up and running at 

Equip My Gym (EMG) is an Irish company based in Dublin. 

The full range of Salto products is not yet available as we are awaiting samples so we can approve them. As soon as items are approved they will be made available to purchase. EMG will supply the full range of Salto products – leotards, jackets, shorts, leggings, trampoline shoes, scrunchies, etc etc. It will be fantastic to have a one-stop-shop for everything! 

There are 2 Salto Christmas bundles available to purchase or else you can purchase individual Salto products. There are also other great gymnastics items available to purchase (non-Salto products). Our gymnasts are always welcome to wear their own leotards for training, they don’t have to be in Salto gear all the time.

Be sure to check it out and see if there is anything you would like to give as a Christmas present or alternatively that a family member or friend could give to your child.